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Get a boost of caffeine, vitamins and minerals with our selection of caffeine capsules, salt tablets and multivitamins - your key to optimizing your training and achieving the best performance! Our category range of Caffeine, Vitamins & Minerals has been carefully selected to offer you the necessary nutrients to strengthen your body and support your active lifestyle.

Caffeine capsules

Caffeine is known for its ability to improve mental focus and increase endurance during training and competition. Our caffeine capsules give you the perfect dose of caffeine that can help you maintain your energy and sharpen your concentration so that you can give your best on the bike or during other physical challenges. The practical capsules are easy to take with you and ideal to take with you on training days when you need an extra energy boost.

Salt tablets

Loss of salt and electrolytes during sweaty exercise can affect your performance and lead to muscle cramps and dehydration. Our salt tablets are carefully formulated to replenish the lost salt and electrolytes in your body, helping to maintain a healthy fluid balance and reducing the risk of fatigue and muscle cramps during exercise. They are ideal for hot days or intense training sessions where the body needs extra electrolyte support.


To ensure that your body functions optimally, it is important to get sufficient amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. Our multivitamins are formulated to deliver a broad spectrum of nutrients that can strengthen your immune system, improve muscle function and support your overall health. With our multivitamins, you can feel confident that your body is getting the nutrition it needs to perform at its best.

Optimize your training with our selection of caffeine capsules, salt tablets and multivitamins and feel the difference in your performance. Whether you're a serious athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just looking to improve your overall health, our Caffeine, Vitamins & Minerals category will be your trusted source for extra support and essential nutrients. Choose products from My Cycling Moments and experience the extra strength that can take your training and sport to new heights!

Sports nutrition from PurePower©

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Dylan van Baarle

"Amacx Energy Drink tillader mig både at hydrere mig og få kulhydrater i det helt optimale 2:1-forhold. Drikken er hverken for sød eller for sur takket være de runde frugtsmage."

Amacx Energy Drink

Anna Henderson

"Amacx Energy Fruit Chew er perfekt som en snack under langvarig udholdenhedstræning. Nem at tage ud af pakken og meget velsmagende. Den smager som slik, men er primært lavet af frugt. Den passer også perfekt ind i min veganske kost."

Amacx Energy Fruit Chews