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Discover the ultimate source of energy with our selection of energy bars - your reliable training partner to improve performance and keep energy levels high! Energy bars are designed to provide a convenient and nutritious source of energy that can be taken on the go and easily integrated into your training routine. Whether you are an enthusiastic runner, a dedicated cyclist or just love to keep fit, energy bars are the ideal solution for maintaining strength and stamina.

Our range of energy bars are carefully selected to offer you the right combination of nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, essential to enhance your training experience. The energy bars are easy to carry, making them ideal for taking along on long training sessions or competitions.

We understand the importance of having a reliable energy source that can help you sustain your performance, whether it's on the road, in the woods or on the trail. That's why we only offer energy bars from reliable manufacturers who have expertise in sports nutrition. When you choose our energy bars, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality products created to improve your performance and support your training.

Optimize your training with our energy bars and feel the difference in your performance. Whether you're an experienced athlete, a fitness enthusiast or just an exerciser, our range of energy bars will be your reliable source of quick and nutritious energy. Choose energy bars from My Cycling Moments and experience the extra strength that can take you to new heights in your training and sport!

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Dylan van Baarle

"Amacx Energy Drink tillader mig både at hydrere mig og få kulhydrater i det helt optimale 2:1-forhold. Drikken er hverken for sød eller for sur takket være de runde frugtsmage."

Amacx Energy Drink

Anna Henderson

"Amacx Energy Fruit Chew er perfekt som en snack under langvarig udholdenhedstræning. Nem at tage ud af pakken og meget velsmagende. Den smager som slik, men er primært lavet af frugt. Den passer også perfekt ind i min veganske kost."

Amacx Energy Fruit Chews